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Welcome to NPC Authority Site Demo!

Dear NPC member,

My name is Ash (your pen name goes here!). This is where your intro text goes to encourage the viewer to click anything on the site. Once they click anything at all, they are no longer a bounce. 🙂

I can turn the Learning Center, forum and image gallery “on” and “off” depending on whether you are ready for it or not. 

Free auto responder?!
This site has its own email auto responder so there is no need for Awebber or its fees! You can sign up yourself on this site to try it out. I also have it set up with its own statistics, so you won’t need Google Analytics if you don’t want to use Google.

Another advantage of this WordPress version of Adam’s site is that you can take your site with you to any hosting and still make edits independent of NPC software or hosting.  NPC software is awesome but since 2011, I’ve seen it been completely revamped 3 times. That’s 3 times I had to rebuild my sites to keep them up-to-date. 

Also, this site is mobile friendly! Go ahead and check it out on your phone, or just squeeze the browser window as small as it goes to see the site change.

Built to order
Adam’s current builder is awesome though, and I based this design on his. If you must have your site done in his builder for some reason, I can do that as well, no problem at all. However, the cost of not using WordPress is not having the above advantages. 

Either case, if you have a color scheme you’d like me to use or any other general theme ideas, I can do them. Otherwise, I’ll just make an awesome original scheme for you.

So go back to the forum and email me, or you can use the perfectly working contact page here at the demo site!

If you love (your niche here) as much as I do, feel free to browse the site and make yourself at home!

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